SkyCop Biometric Fingerprint Verification System

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The ESI ID-2001 Biometric Fingerprint Verification System provides a proven biometric technology solution for business, government, and military security concerns where positive authorization and identification verification are needed to control access or where identify verification is needed to confirm the identity of individuals performing tasks such as time and attendance reporting or watch tours.

The ID-2001 Biometric Fingerprint Verification System uses a RPU-2001 Remote Processing Unit to compare the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and fingerprint entered into a BVR-2001 Fingerprint Reader by a party requesting access to a secured area against the system database and either approves or denies access. Personal information, PIN’s, fingerprints, and access authorization information are entered into the system database at an enrollment station via a standalone PC or a standard network PC and a DTS-2001 Desk Top Finger Print Scanner.  Fingerprints and other database information reside either in a server or in the Print Enroller PC.


  • The ID-2001 Biometric Fingerprint Verification System can be integrated with any Card Access Systems that accepts a Wiegand input.
  • User friendly enrollment software for capturing fingerprints, photos, and personnel data.Custom form generation for customers who want to design their own enrollment and data screens.
  • Enrollment security provides multiple user password protection.
  • Uses up to 9-digit identification numbers for unlimited capacity of users.
  • Each RPU-2001 Remote Processing Unit can host up to (15) BVR-2001 Fingerprint Reader.
  • 32-bit system software.
  • Microsoft NT 4.0 or higher Operating System.
  • ODBC compliant database architecture.
  • A single ID-2001 Biometric Fingerprint Verification System can be connected to a network capable of but not limited to (100) RPU-2001 Remote Processing Units.


  • Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Water Resistant / Splash Proof
  • Wiegand Output
  • Accept and Reject Outputs
  • Interfacing Input and Output
  • 500 DPI Image
  • Tamper Proof Keypad
  • Compact SBC Design
  • Proven NT Embedded Technology
  • Type II CF Compatibility
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Compatibility
  • Multiple Task Configurations
  • Four Onboard COMM Ports
  • Enhanced PCI IDE Interface
  • Onboard Audio

Suggested Location for Usage:

  • Municipal Water Systems
  • Airports
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • Government
  • Military
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Detention

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