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It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep our local communities, campuses, production plants, and office facilities completely safe from the threat of criminal and terrorist activities Today, traditional community-policing in which an officer cruises the neighborhood and remains visible is ineffective when it comes to catching sophisticated criminals Most of us face a criminal enemy that is an expert at clever tactics to avoid detection Generally, once the bad guys learn where they are being watched, they pick up their operations and move to another location You have to move and be one step ahead at all times. With the SkyCop® platform, you can effectively deploy advanced technology as your weapon to work smarter and stay one step ahead of the criminal.

Fortunately, technological innovation available in today’s market has enhanced most efforts to prevent and deter crime Intelligence-led policing encompasses the application of research-based approaches to determine an area’s susceptibility of criminal activity occurring Security monitoring entails the gathering and use of information through video, audio and other sensing technology that captures and enables the use of data intelligence to foster knowledge management to solve crimes faster and effectively The SkyCop ® platform is your “one source” technology platform that addresses every need for remote security surveillance and intelligence-led monitoring.

In 2007, ESI Companies, in coordination with the Memphis Police Department in Memphis, TN, developed and launched the SkyCop ® platform.  Since, the City of Memphis has experienced a dramatic decrease in criminal activity in critical “hot” spots for crime and has increased conviction rates.  Today, the SkyCop ® platform is available to all types of agencies, companies, and institutions desiring cutting edge video and acoustic surveillance equipment.Customers seeking out SkyCop ® technology may include Federal, military, state or local law enforcement agencies and companies with a need for security to oversee and protect public access areas where crime detection and prevention are needed.  In 2014 ESI Companies sold the assets of SkyCop to SkyCop, Inc.  Making SkyCop an independent entity will allow the SkyCop ® platform to grow from a good security program to a great surveillance platform to the law enforcement and commercial markets.

With SkyCop ®, your agency can always have a visible law enforcement presence even when the placement of an officer in a high crime rate area would not be desirable and perhaps risky Moreover, law enforcement coverage of every area deemed as a crime hot zone would be cost-prohibitive and infeasible The SkyCop ® platform allows your agency to install automated surveillance units which automatically monitor the environment, transmit video and audio signals from the environment back to your control center, and allow remote control intervention of the surveillance unit in order to capture possible evidence should a critical incident such as a crime occur.

With SkyCop ®, you can access a team of professional design engineers who will guide you through the development and implementation of a customized intelligence-led initiative. The SkyCop ® platform is scalable depending on how far you want to go. Its products and services allow you to expand your enforcement capabilities and become the recognized leader for technology adoption applied to law enforcement in your area The important element to remember is that SkyCop ® is a completely integrated system allowing you to coordinate all of your crime fighting components using one platform Here are a few details about how SkyCop ® can bring strategic benefits to your organization or agency.

Crime Center.

Crime centers, also known as fusion centers, are now recognized as a vital technological defense to combat exacerbating crime rates Crime centers will become the epicenter of every law enforcement agency’s intelligence-led policing effort in the future allowing for the sharing and integration of crime data between various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies Essentially, the law enforcement officer in the field has instantaneous laptop access to outstanding warrants, criminal history records, jail information, local property data, traffic records, and arrest affidavits The strategic benefit with database integration is the ability to coordinate crime fighting activities across multiple jurisdictions. Your SkyCop ® team provides the expert advice for planning, equipping, and building out your crime center with the latest software and hardware systems that provide you with the needed information to apprehend the “hard-to-catch” criminal Hear about how the SkyCop ® team transformed crime fighting in Memphis, TN with the planning, equipping, and build-out of the Memphis Police Department’s Award Winning Real Time Crime Center.

Watch this to see how crime center technology can impact your department

Vehicle License Plate & Surveillance Systems.

With funding dollars shrinking and rising expectations for improved performance, efficiency, and crime detection, the demands on a team of police officers have superseded their capabilities The SkyCop® LPR technology is proven to increase crime detection and safety With the SkyCop ® LPR platform using the Genetec’s AutoVu software (click here for more information about the Genetec AutoVu application), you gain the ability to monitor speed effectively, create hotlists for cross-database verification, access enhanced video imaging capabilities such as thermal and infrared imaging, deploy environmental sensing devices, and integrate with other security monitoring devices Our LPR technology equates to results tied to more arrests and higher conviction rates.

Remote Video Systems.

There is a growing trend to monitor multiple hotspots within an environment concurrently SkyCop ® is your solution to access multiple interfaced video cameras simultaneously without breaking your budget SkyCop’s ® remote video systems give you multiple options as an integrated, customized package that best fulfill your specific needs Benefits of the system expand to:

  • compression video storage that can accommodate up to weeks of video/audio recordings in a single unit;
  • bracket mounting systems for easy attachment of the system to a pole, building or other structure; and
  • back-lighted exterior for enhanced visibility and communication of a triggering event such as a gunshot using MESH, LAN, WAN, or GSM networks.

Mobile Surveillance Systems.

When you increase your presence in a hotspot, the criminals move operationselsewhere SkyCop's ® mobile technology allows for quick deployment of surveillance equipment to any location to increase your responsiveness to potential dangers.

Digital Recording Systems.

Most law enforcement agencies cannot possibly allocate enough resources to effectively monitor all video surveillance points The SkyCop ® platform offers several options for digital recording that enhance the accuracy and reliability of your detection efforts.

Wireless Communications.

Your department may desire state-of-the art surveillance capability that effectively connects with your existing technology without increasing costs for upgrades requiring the allocation of scarce resources The SkyCop ® platform provides you with the most up-to-date connectivity capacity that will enhance your agency’s responsiveness when crime events occur.

Our customers have shared some of the strategic benefits that the SkyCop ® platform has brought to their organization or agency.  Your team can experience these same benefits with the SkyCop ® platform.  You will see:

  • Flexibility & mobility enabling the organization or agency to monitor criminal activity anywhere and at anytime.
  • The element of surprise allowing your team to be in the hotspots at the right time when the criminal element least expects it.
  • Increased savings in time and operating costs since fewer resources are required to effectively cover more territory.
  • Better responsiveness since your patrol officers can be dispatched to critical events with a focused approach.
  • Enhanced public and officer safety since you are able to monitor critical hotspots more effectively and efficiently.
  • Data analytics that allow you to examine past criminal behavior to better predict future criminal activity.

You can be in the perfect location the next time a crime occurs.  Why not invest in the SkyCop ® platform for your organization?   Go to our sales contact page and call for more information. 

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