SkyCop Network Attached Storage Unit (NAS)

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Having adequate data storage capacity is crucial to building and maintaining an integrated security system within a company or law enforcement agency. Simply, when lives and personal property are at risk, your data archival and retrieval system should never be point where your IT team cut corners in the back office to save costs. The SkyCop ® NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit was designed with those needs in mind and provides you the comfort level of having accurate and reliable archived data.

The SkyCop ® NAS is perhaps the most technologically advanced hardware device in the SkyCop family of products supporting the SkyCop ® platform. The system is grounded on the Linux chip-based operating system which provides enhanced protection against the attack of viruses that frequently impact other operating systems on the market. Furthermore, the SkyCop ® NAS is highly expandable allowing your organization or agency to upgrade as needs change requiring more storage capacity. The upgrades are as simple as swapping out H drives located on the front of the machine. The unit’s redundant power supplies allow for increased reliability with limited interruptions to assure the agency that data will be captured and stored even under adverse conditions. Finally, the unit’s redundant gigabit Ethernet maintains high availability and eliminates the lack of productivity associated with downtime.

Like other SkyCop ® products, the SkyCop ® NAS allows for communication with other SkyCop ® products such as SkyCop ® IP Encoders, SkyCop ® IP Cameras, and SkyCop ® Remote Trailer Systems. Your users can program the system for both local and remote access via web technology.

Our customers have experienced immediate returns on their investment with the SkyCop ® NAS platform. Our design team has ensured that this system includes all of the same standards for reliability and accuracy provided in other similar SkyCop ® systems. We predict that your team will experience high availability with the SkyCop’s ® redundant Ethernet and power supplies increasing efficiency and accuracy in capturing needed data. Overall, those SkyCop ® customers who have selected the SkyCop ® NAS have reduced resource allocation and costs of purchasing additional storage units to maintain needed storage capacity. Why not experience the same strategic benefits that others are experienced with the SkyCop ® NAS?

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