M Series DVS

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When your agency is called upon to fight crime where public safety or personal property may be at risk, your team has no margin for error. More often than not, your law enforcement team is called to the crime scene after the dust has settled and when the team has to sort out the facts. In many cases, your investigators have to rely on video surveillance equipment to identify the perpetrators of the crime. The engineering team at SkyCop ® designed the M Series DVS to deliver the needed accurate and precise data needed to solve the crime and get a conviction.

Both the SkyCop ® M Series DVS (Digital Video Server-Recorder) Tower and Rack Mount units have the capability of recording 8, 16, or 32 channels of audio and video up to 30 FPS (Frames Per-Second) per channel using state-of-the-art H.264 Hardware Compression. Its capabilities allow you to deploy both analog and IP closed circuit TV devices. The auto connection option automatically polls all remote IP Devices and re-establishes connections that are lost. Its advanced software provides you with a very powerful tool such as multi-camera playback, instant replay and on-screen pan / tilt / zoom camera control. Furthermore, the user has local and remote viewing capabilities and can configure and administer the system remotely using a network connection.

SkyCop ® M Series DVS units contain a centralized operating platform that allows total integration to other SkyCop products such as SkyCop ® IP Encoders, SkyCop ® IP Cameras, and SkyCop ® Remote Trailer Systems. The SkyCop® M Series DVS units serve as a single-source solution. You can now have the capability of integrating all of your organization’s surveillance monitoring equipment without purchasing additional needed equipment or computing capacity.

We believe that you will see immediate returns on your investment of SkyCop ® M Series DVS technology. First, your team can access a durable computer system that is manufactured based on the same product standards used to ensure reliable and accurate video data storage provided in other SkyCop ® systems. Your team will have easy access to the unit both locally and/or across the web saving them time and increasing productivity. The SkyCop ® advanced digital technology has been shown to reduce crime and result in more arrests and convictions

For more information about SkyCop’s ® M Series DVS Rack Mount capabilities, please click here.
For more information about SkyCop’s ® M Series DVS Tower capabilities, please click here.

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