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There are no dress rehearsals when you are video recording while a crime is being committed. You must rely on your equipment to record the event reliably and accurately. Simply, faulty and malfunctioning digital video recording systems are not an option when lives and property are at risk. At SkyCop ®, we understand how critical it is to have dependable and durable digital video systems as part of your integrated security network. The need to offer a reliable system that performs consistently was our driving force behind the development of the SkyCop ® Industrial/ Mobile ITX (4 - 8 channels) and Industrial/Mobile ATX (8 – 16 channels) Digital Video Systems.

Regardless of whether your needs call for a system with 4 – 8 channels or 8 - 16 channels, we have a ready-made system that will perform brilliantly under any harsh condition that your team faces. Our automotive video systems are made to withstand tough and abusive environments where traditional digital recorders are inadequate. Both the ITX and ATX systems can video up to 30 FPS (Frames Per-Second) on all channels using advanced H.264 Hardware Compression. Our mobile digital video recorders have an Intelligent Microcontroller DC Power Supply that controls and monitors various functions of the power supply operation. Other options available include the ability to monitor mechanical aspects of the vehicle such as vehicle speed and temperature.

Both models of the SkyCop ® digital video recording units allow for the total integration into the SkyCop ® IP Encoders, SkyCop IP Cameras, and SkyCop Remote Trailer Systems. In addition, you can receive user options such as local and remote view capabilities that are programmable by an individual user. Complete remote configuration and administration can be performed by the remote client via a network connection, and the built-in web server allows remote access via the internet. Both units are equipped with an EVDO Cellular Interface.

We believe that you will see an immediate return on your investment after selecting the SkyCop® Industrial/ Mobile ITX or ATX system for your operation. You will experience the same levels of reliability and accuracy provided by other SkyCop ® systems. Your team will have easy access to the unit both locally and/or across the web saving them time and making the unit easy to use. The SkyCop ® digital technology has been shown to reduce crime and result in more arrests and convictions.

For more information about SkyCop’s ® Industrial/ Mobile ITX capabilities, please click here.

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