SkyCop Solar Powered Systems

The SkyCop ® platform provides your department with versatility and flexibility and allows your team to locate video, acoustic and environment sensing detection equipment anywhere there could be a “crime hot spot”. Examples of some of the remotest locations where you may need a security monitoring presence could include in isolated work areas, along highways and roads, near perimeters or security fencing, on elevated observation points, and along the border. Many of these locations lack access to electrical power or communications lines or network interfaces to communicate back to your real-time fusion center. While you could probably locate surveillance equipment housing a fuel generator to power the unit in most remote locations, providing the necessary resources to keep the unit up and running and the cost allocation for fuel would not be feasible as a long-term solution.

To provide the needed flexibility to place equipment in remote locations, the SkyCop ® team recognized the need to retrofit the existing SkyCop ® technology and provide surveillance units that are self-contained and independent and avoid the need for electrical power or fuel. The SkyCop ® team pulled in their brightest engineers to develop and launch the SkyCop ® Solar-Powered Series. These custom-designed units provide all of the “bells and whistles” and quality offered across products within the SkyCop ® brand. These units can be fitted with IR and thermal imaging cameras, chemical sensing, gunshot recognition, high-tech DVRs, and digital analytics. All of these units maintain radio communication so that you can capture data and then interface with a centralized fusion center. You can now access all of the existing SkyCop ® technology such as the SkyCop ® Transportable Surveillance System (TSS), the SkyCop® Major Mobile Trailer, the SkyCop ® Cadet Mobile Trailer, and the SkyCop ® Enclosure Unit with solar-powered capabilities.

What does SkyCop ® Solar-Powered Series bring to your organization? The SkyCop ® Solar-Powered Series provides ease of mobility and widens your scope of surveillance without limitations of power sources and radio communications interfaces. What you get is increased responsiveness allowing you to take invasive interventions against criminal activities. Furthermore, having remote surveillance capabilities powered by the sun enables you to do more with fewer personnel and resources. You will experience lower operational costs and significantly impact organizational productivity and efficiency. The SkyCop ® Solar-Powered Series is your access to customized, state-of-the-art technology to enable your team to deter crime, see higher arrest and conviction rates, and increase public safety in any remote location. Why not consider the SkyCop Solar-Powered Series as a proven solution for your security monitoring initiative?

Transportable Surveillance System


Solar Mobile Surveillance Unit

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