Fort Leonard Wood, MO
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SkyCop ® discovered that many law enforcement agencies have the need for a lightweight transportable surveillance system that can be placed in remote and inaccessible areas. The team seized the opportunity to be first once again and pulled their brightest and best talent together to build the SkyCop ® Repeater. Originally developed for the US Army and US Homeland Security, the SkyCop ® Repeater Unit provides you with same basic capabilities as the larger SkyCop ® Transportable Surveillance Substation, but with advanced portability. The lighter SkyCop® Repeater Unit is proven to be an excellent addition to a well-rounded collection of video surveillance tools.

The SkyCop ® Repeater Unit is a unique self-contained mobile monitoring system that is constructed with light-weight steel, yet durable enough to protect the unit’s electronics, batteries, charging systems, and computer hardware. Its light-weight construction allows the unit to be easily set up so you can reduce the needed resource requirements to manage the system. Additional features include a wireless mesh radio system, GSM cellular communications, PTZ cameras, radar detection, and a license plate recognition system.

The SkyCop ® Repeater Unit can be fully integrated with other SkyCop ® surveillance products such as SkyCop® Mobile License Plate Recognition, SkyCop ® Mobile Surveillance Trailers, and SkyCop ® Wireless Camera Enclosure Systems. All of these systems in combination can provide remote wireless data and video feeds into a command center in real-time. As such, your organization or agency can monitor and record activities across numerous SkyCop® locations using a single network.

The SkyCop ® Repeater Unit is one additional tool that enhances your video surveillance imperative. Perhaps the most significant strategic benefit is your ability to have an element of surprise and the ability for increased responsiveness. You will find that the SkyCop ® Repeater unit provides your agency and team with innovative technology that serves to prevent and deter criminal activities, raise awareness, and increase public safety.

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