Major Mobile Surveillance Unit

University of Memphis, Memphis, TN
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Video surveillance can be your competitive advantage in stopping criminal activity in your community. However, it is a general expectation that once the bad guys learn of where they are being watched, they pick up their operations and move elsewhere. As such, you expend scarce resources chasing the bad guys all over town, and in most cases, once your squad cars enter the neighborhood, the bad guys seek cover. To maintain an upper hand over the criminal element, you have to be able to move your security surveillance efforts to emerging hotspots. SkyCop ® Major Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU) is your single-source solution that provides the needed mobility maintaining your element of surprise. The platform’s video, audio and sensing devices provide you with the ability to capture accurate data when critical events occur.

Our customers tell us that one distinguishing advantage of the SkyCop ® Major MSU’s is enhanced flexibility. You simply hook the unit up behind your agency’s towing vehicle and relocate it anywhere, including those hard-to-reach locations that are secluded and isolated and lack utility and communication services. Each MSU houses its own power plant and communication platform grounded on the most advanced technology available ranging from simple rechargeable battery systems to units housing backup generator and solar power capabilities. You will find that SkyCop ® Major MSU offers the ability for self-containment and concealment and is set apart from other surveillance equipment in the market.

SkyCop ® Major MSU can be linked with other SkyCop ® surveillance products such as SkyCop ® Mobile License Plate Recognition, other types of SkyCop ® Mobile Surveillance Trailers, and SkyCop ® Wireless Camera Enclosure Systems. All of these systems in combination can provide remote wireless video, acoustic and sensing device data feeds into your command center in real-time. As such, your team can monitor and record activities across multiple SkyCop ® locations using a single network.

Here are some the unique features that you will receive:

  • Multiple options for communication to include Military Grade Wireless, Commercial Cellular, and Satellite connectivity.
  • Ability to tie the remote MSU unit back to a centralized monitoring locations such as Law Enforcement Command Centers, Military Police Stations, Commercial and Private Security Companies, etc.
  • Advanced Day / Night CCTV cameras equipped with high resolution Pan / Tilt / Zoom capabilities, infrared illumination systems, and thermal imaging systems.
  • Video Analytic or Smart Video equipment to monitor changes in the surroundings.
  • Fixed radar detection/display units to monitor traffic flow and speed information.
  • Advanced sensing technology such as chemical detection and gunshot telemetry recognition.
  • Remote Check Point capabilities with full video and data communications capabilities.
  • Tough steel casing to protect electronics, batteries, charging systems, and computer hardware from the environment.
  • SkyCop ® Digital Video Recording capabilities

SkyCop ® Major MSU is one tool that successfully impacts crime prevention and detection. Your “eyes in the sky” can monitor critical hotspots without a drain on your personnel and resources. Your capacity to be more responsive when the need arises builds your team’s credibility within the community and allows you to strengthen your public image. Having remote surveillance capabilities on wheels enables you to do more with less and improve productivity and efficiency. Why wait and see what other agencies in surrounding jurisdictions are doing? Be the leader for intelligence-led policing in your area by ordering your SkyCop ® Major MSU now.

Click here for more technical information and capabilities you will receive from SkyCop ® Major MSU.

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