SkyCop License Plate Recognition & Video System

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Since its development two decades ago, License Plate Recognition (LPR) has become the gold standard to collect data, enhance security monitoring and crime detection, and manage access-control systems. LPR relies on infrared (IR) illumination technology to capture images of automobiles and license plates which are fed to computer systems for storage and data analytics. It is widely accepted that LPR has become one of the most effective tools developed to deter criminal behavior.

The SkyCop ® Mobile License Plate Recognition & Video Surveillance System (MLPRV) relies on the latest IR technological advancements. At SkyCop ® we have taken LPR technology installed on police vehicles, mobile substations, or on movable trailers to a revolutionary level and provide a platform that is far superior to any other competing LPR cameras on the market. The SkyCop ® MLPRV platform deploys engineering excellence to video, sensing, and acoustical electronic equipment to provide your officers the tools to more effectively perform crime prevention and detection. The application extends to the moving police car or mounted LPR on one of SkyCop ® transportable units. With this platform, your agency can conduct mobile or fixed real-time license plate reading, video surveillance, and analysis which are integral to a quick response to apprehend and arrest criminal suspects.

Simply, SkyCop ® gives your officers the required information in real-time to do their jobs! Check out the SkyCop ® LPR system in action by clicking here. For more videos click here.

SkyCop ® deploys Genetec AutoVu technology (click here for more information about the Genetec AutoVu application) and security center software that extends data mining and geo-fencing capabilities to conduct searches and match vehicles on hot lists (e.g., expired tags, stolen vehicles, outstanding warrants, etc). This application allows the officer to review all matched records containing pertinent information and images based on where and when the vehicle was previously seen and recorded. All data is archived so that management can substantiate arrests and prosecution during criminal cases. Furthermore, the agency can review data and determine explanations relating to the number of license plate reads, the category, and number of hits or reasons for non-enforcing a hit.

One compelling reason to select SkyCop ® MLPRV capabilities is the ability to connect surveillance efforts and link information gathering with other SkyCop ® surveillance products such as SkyCop ® Mobile Surveillance Trailers, SkyCop ® Wireless Camera Enclosure Systems, and SkyCop ® Transportable Surveillance Substations. All of these systems provide remote wireless data and video feeds into your security command center in real-time. As such, your agency can easily and effectively monitor and record activities across thousands of locations on a single network. These enhancements bring your team the needed ability to be proactive and to mobilize your resources to those critical areas needing the most attention.

Some of the unique features that SkyCop ® MLPRV brings to you are:

  • High-definition camera technology to include pulse-infrared illumination and thermal imaging.
  • Increased flexibility such as pre-settings or pan and tilt capabilities.
  • Integrated video capture with H.264 compression capabilities.
  • Rugged hardened chassis to protect against harsh environments
  • Journey time monitoring.
  • Touch screen technology to enhance user-friendliness and enable real-time read information display.
  • Ability to load “Hotlists” for automatic alerts during real-time operation

Several noteworthy benefits you will see with the SkyCop ® MLPRV platform are improved enforcement of traffic laws specific to vehicle speed and traffic signal monitoring enabling you to make your streets safer. Second, using the SkyCop ® advanced surveillance technology such as infrared/thermal imaging, you can record criminal activities more clearly resulting in higher arrest rates. Our valued customers have already seen that leveraging SkyCop ® MLPRV technology not only increases public safety, but reduces an agency’s resource allocation and costs.

For more specific details, click here to read more about the technical specifications of SkyCop ® Mobile License Plate Recognition & Video Surveillance System (MLPRV).

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