Enterprise DVS

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When a crime or critical event occurs, your law enforcement team is expected to jump into immediate action. The last thing that they want is to deal with faulty and malfunctioning surveillance equipment that has failed to provide you with the needed video and acoustic data to identify the perpetrators of a crime. The SkyCop ® ENTERPRISE DVS is your solution to overcoming the headaches associated with bad surveillance data. You can now turn to SkyCop ® ENTERPRISE DVS, a leading video surveillance system, that has been designed specifically with your team’s needs in mind providing access to critical information that has been stored properly and safely.

The SkyCop ® Enterprise DVS (Digital Video Server-Recorder) is expandable up to 64 audio and video channels. The system deploys innovative technology that can accommodate up to 30 FPS (Frames Per-Second) per channel using H.264 Hardware Compression and interfaces with analog and IP closed circuit TV devices. One unique selling feature is the ability to auto-connect and refresh as the software automatically polls all remote IP devices and re-establishes connections that are lost. The software’s advanced tools include multi-camera playback, instant replay and on-screen pan / tilt / zoom camera control, and local and remote viewing capabilities that can be programmed by an individual user. As such, complete remote configuration and administration can be performed from any location using a network connection.

Like other SkyCop ® products, the SkyCop ® ENTERPRISE DVS system allows for communication with other SkyCop® products such as SkyCop ® IP Encoders, SkyCop ® IP Cameras, and SkyCop ® Remote Trailer Systems. Your users can program the system for both local and remote access via web technology.

Our customers have experienced immediate returns on their investment with the SkyCop ® ENTERPRISE DVS platform. Our design team has ensured that this system includes all the same standards for reliability and accuracy provided in other similar SkyCop ® systems. We predict that your team will report ease of use and access to the system whether they are local or accessing the system across the web. This unique selling proposition reduces time wastage and resource allocation. As a SkyCop ® customer, you will see the same strategic benefits that others are experiencing in increased productivity and overall costs savings.

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