SkyCop Embedded DVS

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Our customers are in the crime prevention business where personal and commercial property and people are at risk. To this end, our customers expect to have reliable surveillance equipment that provides them with superior video recordings showing specific details of crimes committed. The SkyCop ® team is in tune with the needs of the security and law enforcement community and understands the daily challenges faced in protecting the public and property and assets. To this end, the SkyCop ® engineering team responded to the market’s demands for quality video recording equipment with the introduction of the SkyCop ® Embedded DVS Rack Mount system. This system offers revolutionary quality and brings your team the innovation needed to meet the challenges faced in protecting their communities.

Our Embedded DVS Rack Mount system provides you with the same types of capabilities as our other DVS systems. With this system you can record 4, 8, or 16 channels of audio and video at 30 FPS (Frames Per-Second) per channel using state-of-the-art H.264 hardware compression. One unique feature is MCU Technology (Microprocessor Control Unit) with the Linux Real-Time operating system software to allow for video and audio encoding/decoding, hard disk recording, and TCP/IP transmission. The SkyCop Embedded DVS records up to 4CIF resolution on all channels which are configurable. Other options include multi-camera playback, instant replay, remote client configuration, and on-screen PTZ camera control. Your team can access the system remotely using a network connection.

Like all other SkyCop ® systems, the Embedded DVS unit allows for integration with other SkyCop ® products such as SkyCop® IP Encoders, SkyCop®  IP Cameras, and SkyCop® Remote Trailer Systems. Your users can program the system for both local and remote access via web technology.

We believe that you will see an immediate return on your investment after selecting the SkyCop ® Embedded DVS Rack Mount for your operation. This unit is built based on the same standards calling for reliability, durability, and accuracy as provided with other SkyCop ® systems. Your team will have easy access to the system both locally and/or across the web saving them time and bringing ease of use. Remember, the SkyCop ® state-of-the-art digital technology has been shown to reduce crime and result in more arrests and convictions.

For more information about SkyCop’s ® Embedded DVS Rack Mount capabilities, click here.

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