Funding Your Department’s Investment Into SkyCop® Technology

Technology is radically changing the way law enforcement operates. Today, police chiefs and senior information technology specialists see investment into intelligence-led policing as critical and requisite to effective law enforcement efforts. However, embracing and deploying state-of-the-art technology is costly and difficult when cities and states are looking to cut allocated dollars to local police departments. Your only solution is to seek out alternative funding sources that can fuel your initiative and leverage a strong technological imperative. Your SkyCop® team knows and understands the requirements that you face in accessing outside funding resources. We bring our best consulting minds to assist and partner with you and your team to access the right funding sources. Our experience has proven to be invaluable in helping you meet the stringent criteria required to receive funding for your next technology upgrade.


Accessing Possible Funding Sources

Block or Formula Grants:

These grants are usually awarded through Federally-funded programs awarded at the state and local levels to address specific problems.  Decisions on how funds are to be allocated are based on pre-determined criteria orformula.

Discretionary Grants:

Discretionary grants are usually available as Federal orstate-level allocations to local governments based on a need basis to fund projects.

Department of Justice Grants:

Periodically, the U.S. Department of Justice will allocate funding for projects that aim to reduce crime in certain areas or “hotspots”or to fund special projects that serve as models for enhanced law enforcement.

Department of Homeland Security:

With the recent emphasis on protection against foreign and domestic terrorism, the U.S. government has allocated funding for projects that enhance homeland security initiatives. Various programs could entail state homeland security programs; local and urban homeland security initiatives; and the monitoring of infrastructure such as mass transit systems, rail systems, airport security, mass transportation such bus stations, trucking and logistics protection, and port security.

Private Funding:

Law enforcement agencies are now accessing funding from private businesses, foundations, and other private sector sources.  For more information on prevalent websites that contain information about seeking and obtaining outside funding for investment into your intelligence-led policing effort, contact the SkyCop® sales department.

Please Contact a SkyCop Representative for help with funding information.


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