Crime Center

Memphis Police Department Real Time Crime Center, Memphis, Tennessee

Due to a burgeoning criminal element that is becoming more dangerous and sophisticated, many law enforcement agencies are transitioning from traditional community-policing to intelligence-led policing efforts. Intelligence-led policing entails the effective deployment of technology to gather and store data from multiple jurisdictional systems that can be later retrieved to track trends and patterns that make it easier to enforce the law. Crime center technology provides the software tools along with the surveillance equipment such as video cameras and environmental sensors to provide the knowledge management capabilities to more effectively predict criminal activity and solve crimes. Strategic benefits of intelligence-led policing span to coordination of activities across multiple law enforcement agencies, identification of stolen vehicles and property, crime surveillance at the point of perpetration, geo-tagging for investigative purposes, tracking activities in crime hot zones, and geo-fencing within specific areas. The building out of a real-time crime center can undergird the effective deployment and management of your intelligence-led policing initiative.

Crime centers support law enforcement activities in three areas. First crime centers are data warehouses used to access and integrate data across federal, state, and local databases to aid in the decision-making process. This function helps eliminate the various silos of data that are never aggregated throughout the law enforcement community. Second, crime centers provide data analysis that grants the law enforcement officer in the field with instantaneous laptop access to outstanding warrants, criminal history records, jail information, local property data, traffic records, and arrest affidavits. Moreover, the system is capable of running queries that produce custom cuts of information and the ability to merge data to allow the officer to identify patterns and trends in criminal activity. Finally, crime centers provide the “data wall” consisting of multiple camera screens and acoustic and environmental sensors. This multi-faceted surveillance capability allows law enforcement to monitor multiple crime hot spots and mobile license plate readers simultaneously.

Your SkyCop ® team provides the expert advice for planning, equipping, and building out your crime center with the latest software and hardware systems that provide you with the needed information to apprehend the “hard-to-catch” criminal. Read more about SkyCop’s ® capability to assist you with building your real-time crime center under the SkyCop ® Platform page.

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